American INSIGHT Announces the 2020 Free Speech Award Winning Film + 7 Official Selection Films

American INSIGHT Announces the 2020 Free Speech Award Winning Film + 7 “Official Selection” Films

American INSIGHT’s 2020 Free Speech Award Winner and top seven “Official Selection” films have just been chosen by over 60 Judges from 12 US states and 14 countries, after three month online judging process of over 100 films submitted by filmmakers from around the world.

As The Filmmaker’s Film FestivalTM, American INSIGHT encourages filmmakers to participate in the judging process.  Only one Free Speech Award is given each year, and the winning film is added in perpetuity to American INSIGHT’s Free Speech Storyline, which traces the history of Free Speech, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law back to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215.

Free Speech Award Winner

American INSIGHT is delighted to announce that the 2020 Free Speech Award Winner is Boxed, based on the true story of an enslaved man who mailed himself to freedom in Philadelphia in 1849. Directed by Wanjiru Njendu, California.


Official Selections

The following films have been selected as 2020 Free Speech Award “Official Selections:”

Activized – Directed by Eric Stange, Massachusetts

In Orbit –  Directed by Katie McNeice, Ireland

Means of Expression – Directed by Vida Lercari, New York

Reclaiming the Negative – Directed by Mike Beech, United Kingdom

Sweet Poison – Directed by Waleska Santiago, California

Unrepresented – Directed by Andrew Rodney, Michigan

Stay Woke – Directed by Langston Williams, Louisiana:  “First Film” Award Winner


Meet the Directors Series

American INSIGHT’s 2020 FREE SPEECH FILM FESTIVAL continues with its new monthly Meet-the-Director series!

You are cordially invited to meet all of this year’s “Official Selection” Directors privately online with Karen Curry, former NBC + CNN Bureau Chief

The FESTIVAL’s Meet-the-Director series takes place on the following Third Sundays from 5-7 PM:



Activized, Eric Stange, Director



Unrepresented, Andrew Rodney, Director
Stay Woke Langston Williams, Director



In Orbit, Katie McNeice, Director
Reclaiming the Negative, Mike Beech, Director



Means of Expression, Vida Lecari, Director
Sweet Poison, Waleska Santiago, Director

American INSIGHT is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote knowledge of Free Speech, Human Rights and the Rule of Law. American INSIGHT’S objectives are to facilitate speaking out against injustice through the medium of film.

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