Ethiopia: A New Dawn for Press Freedom

Ethiopia: A New Dawn for Press Freedom by Margherita Cargasacchi

Ethiopia, along with many other countries, has a long history of silencing the press. Journalists and other media professionals are being silenced for speaking out against the government or other higher authorities. Many have tried to speak out of the issue but faced severe repercussions. Journalists have gone missing or even turned up dead.

Now, Ethiopia is at a crossroads. The press and journalists are slowly starting to be able to write and publish what they please. While this is still an incredibly dangerous job, Ethiopia is making great strides to help protect the freedom of the press.

The documentary film Ethiopia: A New Dawn for Press Freedom, explores this growing press freedom in Ethiopia. The documentary poses important questions focused on the basic nature and functions of the press while highlighting how important journalism is to a nation’s success.

The film poses important and thought-provoking questions while providing a great overview of the history of press freedom.

By Grace, 2020 American INSIGHT Intern, George Washington University 2022

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