Wolf & Duce: A Journey into the Past

Wolf & Duce by Aswin Ramachandran: A Journey into the Past

Wolf & Duce follows a man and his journey to discover himself throughout his entire life. The film is divided into five parts,  the past he does not remember, the past he wants to forget, the past he wants to relive, the present that he’s scared about, and the future that he ought to be terrified about.

During the past, the man relives his childhood and begins to understand where he came from. As he relives his childhood, he begins to understand that lies he was fed about his own life.

When we begin life, our parents often praise us and our accomplishments, making us feel good about ourselves but this can also create an inflated sense of self.

As he narrates his own life story, the greatness that he once thought was there begins to vanish before his eyes.

He is able to recall the lies he was fed about all of his ‘accomplishments’ and his so-called greatness.

This theme of childhood greatness and the romanticization of our own childhoods is something many young adults come face to face with. We have to understand our past, without the inflated ego of a sense of self to truly understand.

In order to better understand where you are going in life, you must understand where you came from.

By Grace, 2020 American INSIGHT Intern, George Washington University class of 2022

Promotional poster image courtesy of director, Aswin Ramachandran

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