Vote 4 Free Speech

Vote 4 Free Speech! via American INSIGHT’s annual Free Speech Film Festival and let independent filmmakers around the world know that YOU CARE about them: their values, their interests, their concerns, and their right to express themselves freely.

In today’s intensely politicized environment, there is still room to rise above the noise!

Join our growing crowd as it levitates beyond the news media into the burgeoning global market of independent filmmakers who are passionately turning their words into films.

After a decade of scrupulously following the development of the intellectual property laws that apply to every millisecond of every film, American INSIGHT and its Canadian online global festival submission platform, Film Freeway, promise you a private, super-secure, logical, and easy-to-use experience that you will never forget!

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Gregory M. Harvey

Dedicated to Gregory Harvey (1937-2018)
Philadelphia election lawyer, activist, expert in campaign finance, ethics, election litigation and the First Amendment.