2021 Festival Highlights

2021 Official Selections

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In Your Eyes, Free Speech Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

In Your Eyes

2021 Official Selection

Documentary | 56:00 | Israel

Directed by Barak Heymann

In Your Eyes follows the less-known aspects of the lives of four “web stars” – Israeli YouTubers: Moti Taka, one of the busiest singers in Israel today; Suzi Boum, a successful, well-known drag queen; Chen Halfon, one of the few orthodox YouTubers in Israel; Hannah Ziad, an Arab YouTuber with about half a million followers.

Footsteps on the Winds, Free Speech Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

Footsteps on the Wind

2021 Official Selection

Animation | 07:00 | United Kingdom

Directed by Gustavo Leal, Faga Melo, Maya Sanbar

Footsteps in the Wind is an animated short film to Sting’s song “Inshallah”.
Based on the harsh and intense reality of refugees around the world, this film broaches a narrative told through the eyes of children that never give up on their dreams.

Deep Breath, Free Speech Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

Deep Breath

2021 Official Selection

Experimental | 08:20 | United States

Directed by Rachel McIntosh

Deep Breath is an Anti-racist, Art-as-Activism Film Project centered around an epic, 8-minute poem by Dr. Nia Nunn. Filmed in Ithaca, NY last summer, Deep Breath brought diverse dancers together to feel her words, and dance to custom-composed music

The Wikipedia Promise, Free Speech Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

The Wikipedia Promise

2021 Official Selection

Documentary | 52:00 | Germany

Directed by Lorenza Castella, Jascha Hannover

Wikipedia begins with a promise: knowledge production, which for millennia was in the hands of elites, is to be radically democratized. Anyone can contribute, regardless of education level or background. Is the online project a utopia come true?

Days Before the Dawn, Free Speech Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

Days Before The Dawn:
The History of Protest in Hong Kong

2021 Official Selection

Documentary | 34:43 | United States

Directed by Trevor Klein

Days Before the Dawn is a documentary about the history of dissent in Hong Kong. Britain handed Hong Kong over to China in 1997 without ever consulting the people of Hong Kong. Ever since Hongkongers have resisted mainland Chinese rule. The protests evolved from lawful marches to non-violent civil disobedience to militant uprisings.

Jano & Shiro, a Brothers' Journey , Free Speech Film Festival 2021 Official Selection

Jano & Shiro, a Brothers’ Journey

2021 Official Selection

Experimental | 34:06 | Netherlands

Directed by Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel

The brothers Jano and Shiro are inseparable. When war breaks out in Syria, they flee together in search of a better life for themselves and their family. The boys are 18 and 15 when they set off on foot, heading for the Netherlands.