Director Anna Barsukova at work

Voice for the Voiceless by Anna Barsukova

The film Voice for the Voiceless (2019) by director Anna Barsukova chronicles the events following a woman, Mariana, and her recent diagnosis. In her state of confusion and frustration, she writes her feelings and thoughts down in her diary. Mariana pours her heart out onto the pages and reflects on her life as she gazes out into the night.

This film forces the viewer to come face to face with their own mortality and how they have either positively or impacted the lives of others. We often think our words are just words but those words and phrases can stay with others for a very long time.

Free speech is a gift but that does not mean that our words are empty. Everything we say or do affects others, either positively or negatively. It’s our job to realize how our words will impact others.

Grace, 2020 American INSIGHT Intern, George Washington University 2022

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