Pouya Aghelizadeh's Light Room and The Obsessed Artist

Pouya Aghelizadeh’s Light Room and The Obsessed Artist

Light Room follows the story of a young filmmaker and his chase to capture the image of a woman from her dreams. He goes on a mission to capture this woman’s image; it becomes his entire goal and consumes him.

In the film’s opening scene, the man remarks, “This image wants to talk to me for a long time. Can you see it? It’s just a moment. At that moment, it talks to me so loudly.” Even at the beginning of the film, you can see hints of how obsessed this man has become with finding this woman. It has become his purpose.

The film then progresses from that quote on, as the filmmaker goes further and further to uncover this woman and make her real, no matter what the cost.

Aghelizadeh’s creation reads as a slow descent into madness and captures the mind of the obsessed artist. Throughout the film’s duration, the man becomes more and more obsessed with making this woman real, so much so that he gets stuck in his imagination.

This film sheds light on the obsessive nature of an artist and an almost primal desire to create beautiful images and stories.

By Grace, 2020 American INSIGHT Intern, George Washington University 2022

Image courtesy of Pouya Aghelizadeh

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    Thanks to your precise gaze at my movie 🙂

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